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Critic’s Report: Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai

October 27, 2009


This Anime is Awarded:


Imagine that a pre-teen comes home from vacation to find out that his life collection of boyish and geeky paraphernalia has been lost in the ruins of the place he once called his home. Consider too while he’s dealing with that, his best friend tells him, rather nonchalantly, that she will be leaving Osaka to live in Hokkaido. To top off a rather taxing day, he witnesses an event that would cause his world and his best friend’s world to be smashed into a thousand pieces. Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai has a wonderful storyline but creates too much non-realistic appeal. It however is funny and quite enjoyable to many people. This is why Abenobashi Mahou Shoutengai has received a 2/5 Star or an “Ok” rating.



Critic’s Report: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

October 26, 2009

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This Anime has been Awarded:


I like this anime very much, I have seen the whole series. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar is just too cute for words. Yet, despite it’s adorable factor, I can honestly say this anime can make a person cry in the end. However, great as this anime is, it has many fillers… and faults. Thus, “A Little Snow Fairy Sugar” receives a 3/5 Star or an “Average” rating.

Official Blog Opening

October 26, 2009

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Hello viewers and thank for joining us for the Grand opening of the Anime Critics Blog! Here at Anime Critics, we want to bring you a mixutre of opinions on almost every single anime staring from the letter A to Z and anime’s starting with #s. Every day we will try to update a new anime review and tell you how many stars out of 5 the anime has been rated in total. Please note that the basic Critic Reports are for these type of reviews and reviews for movies will be categorized as such.