Critic’s Report: Amatsuki


This anime is awarded:

Passed during a mysterious parallel thought of Edo period, Amatsuki is a very interesting anime that explores the relationship between the basic religious classes of Shinto: Demons, Humans, Kami and the Heaven. The first thing we have to remember to be able to fully enjoy this is that these “classes” are completely unrelated to anything you may find in the montheist Western religions we’re used to. Demons, Humans and Kami (the spirits of things, if I am allowed to simplify) live in unrelated worlds, bounded by thin bridges, while the Heaven is a higher place where everything belongs. It is in Heaven (Ten) that the destiny is forged and inserted in matter. Everything is ok in Amatsuki, the Edo mirror, until this young man Toki appears. Happens that young Toki also has the ability to forge destiny! Which dwells into the desire to change it.

The story is absolutely interesting because of this setting. Some of the characters know what the destiny will be and will want to change it, while the main character is driven through a madness of a world that he does not know, trying to fit himself, please everyone and keep up with the people he loves.

The art is not refined, but appropriate, and the portrays of demons are very amusing. It fits well the characters: an assortment of hot guys (for my fangirl pleasure), original designs for the paranormal beings and delicacy of clothes for the girls. The personalities of the characters are also very interesting, from the lazy demon boss to the shy and short tempered possessed girl. However, the main character fails them. A boy that never had any problem, has no reason for being kind, accepts everything just because… Too ideal.

A beautiful world surrounded by a beautiful musical score, with the great defect of being too short. The secondary story (heart-taking and inspiring, for what matters) took all the time, while the primary was left open with a declaration of war to the Heavens. This outrageous ending makes Amatsuki deserve its fair score. All we can hope is that a second season is written in our destiny.


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