Critic’s Report: Aquarian Age


This anime is awarded:

Personally, I found Aquarian Age to be extremely boring and confusing, although the ‘boring’ part can be accredited almost entirely to the ‘confusing’. There’s way too much going on in the background to make a cohesive story line. The descriptions I’d read of the anime always made it sound like this epic, earth shattering story, when really not much happens in the end. If they’d taken out all the weird supernatural aspects, I think you’d end up with a pretty average romance/drama anime. And to top it off, they never even fully explain WHY there’s a bunch of weirdos with super powers going around, nor is the main character all that disturbed by this revelation. The art is okay, but certainly nothing special or memorable. Honestly, there’s not really much to say one way or another about it.

The characters are probably the worst part of the show. There are just plainly too many to keep track of, and because of this a majority of the characters end up feeling flat and underdeveloped. To make matters worse, the characters that do stick around long enough to gain development end up making me wish they hadn’t. The two main characters ended up being incredibly annoying and (Kyouta especially) fairly typical.

Aquarian Age’s one and only saving grace is the music, and even then it isn’t all that great.


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