Critics Report: Asura Cryin’


This Anime is Awarded:

You will have to put a lot of effort to follow this show and frankly you will get little reward for your troubles. Many aspects have a lot of content to them, rules, ins and outs that you need to know to follow the show. However even with all of that I still have no idea what is going on with this show.“Asura Cryin” has a lot of problems but the one I had the biggest issue with is that the whole show is convoluted. Not only is the story complex but it is unnecessarily complex. There is a lot of different factions and rules for these factions. A person may not be able to attack someone if they are a member of a certain faction so long as that person doesn’t interact with members of this other faction. Also the way the members of different factions interact don’t make any sense. Enemies have lunch with one another, making all the separate groups feel pointless. Just to make sure I don’t care about these groups at all the show decided to pick the stupidest and nonsensical covers possible. There is the School Student Council, The Science Club, The Second School Student Council, and it goes from there. Each name more meaningless then the last.

With all this complexity between groups it would makes sense that the story was equally deep, but actually the storyline is very shallow. Some young boy gets a package that holds one of the most powerful magical mechs in the world. Some event needs to be stopped or the world will end. The thing is 13 episodes later I still don’t know what that event is and why the world will be destroy. There is a mysterious quality to all of this at first but that soon goes away after the story stops moving forward and the show doesn’t seem to be concerned in answering any of the questions it brought up. To be completely fair this isn’t the complete story, there is another show, but at the end of the last episode I still don’t have enough information to understand so of the basic/core elements of the show.

This is a mecha show, and with that comes a few action scenes. The quality of the action varies a lot. Most of it is the one mech does its super move and then the other mech does its super move and the fight is over. There are the few the go outside of this norm. These are well done and interesting. Still more often than not the mech scenes are kind of lame.

One of the few things I didn’t completely hate in the show was the comedy. The comedy is definitely on the corny side. Expect jokes about Tomo(the male lead) and breasts along with a few toilet jokes. Probably not everyones taste but I kind of like it. However with a few laughs come a honorable sense of timing. I can’t count the number of times that the show tells a joke that just destroys what little pacing the show had.

What I loved most about the show was the relationship between the two main characters. The personalities of Tomo and Misao play off one another so well. Those 2 would bring a smile too my face more often then not. The rest of the cast didn’t deliver quite as many smiles. They start out good. Each character is given a deep back story and a personality that is all their own. That is where it ends, the show doesn’t do anything with the characters after that. I don’t mean the show does a poor job of developing them, I mean the show literally doesn’t do anything with them. In some cases you don’t even see them for 4 or 5 episodes and in the 13 episode show 4 or 5 episodes is kind of a big deal.

Is “Asura Cryin” a good show, not really. Does “Asura Cryin” have its moments, you bet. There were times it made me laugh and the 2 main characters are a joy to watch. It is too bad the there is a lot more bad then good in the show. The rest of the cast could be described as “thin” at best and after the 3rd episode I stopped caring about the story line.


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