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Critic’s Report: Angel Heart

February 7, 2010

This anime is awarded:

Note* This series is a spin-off from another show called City Hunter, and uses many of it’s characters. All I did before watching this series is read the synopsis for City Hunter, and I’ve had no problems following the story. It still may be preferable to watch City Hunter first though.

Angel Heart starts by following professional assassin (trained from a child), Glass Heart, as she attempts to escape from her life of killing, by ending her own. But after a heart transplant, and a couple of years sleep, she’s good as new. The new heart brings it’s owner’s spirit with it, and refuses to let Glass Heart die, and so, Glass Heart escapes, to try and find out about the person the heart belonged to. (more…)


Critic’s Report: Amatsuki

February 5, 2010

This anime is awarded:

Passed during a mysterious parallel thought of Edo period, Amatsuki is a very interesting anime that explores the relationship between the basic religious classes of Shinto: Demons, Humans, Kami and the Heaven. (more…)

Critic’s Report: Amaenaide yo!

February 2, 2010

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Amaenaideyo is your run of the mill harem anime, with one catch…
The harem consists of  nuns/monks and one very perverted guy. Don’t go into any harem anime expecting a groundbreaking story, cause you will almost never find that. But considering the anime does a decent job of developing the main characters it makes it better than most, though it only seems to spend a smaller time on the other characters. Normally this would hinder an anime but for the most part they all are not that far off from one anime stereotype or another. (more…)

Critic’s Report: Aishiteruze Baby

January 22, 2010

This anime is awarded:I recommend this anime for everyone who wants to watch something touching. Not really a romance, its more of a slice of life anime that should be able to find itself on everybody’s list. Its an anime without grand events or drastic plot turns, its just goodness that keeps on going. (more…)

Critic’s Report: Air Gear

January 20, 2010

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Air Gear is one of those anime shows that you will either love to death or be turned away from it by its weird style. Its very….how should I put it, “open,” in a way like Tenjou Tenje is. The girls are revealing, the main character, Ikki, has no shame (as this is shown by him taking a dump in front of EVERYONE while a skating match is going on). Nevertheless, if you enjoy this kind of humor or can get by it, Air Gear shapes up to be a good introduction anime from its manga counterpart. (more…)

Critic’s Report: Ah! My Goddess

January 17, 2010

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It’s difficult to review a show that defines why you enjoy anime, especially when it’s not critically acclaimed. This said, Ah! My Goddess(also known as Oh! My Goddess), is a show that I will hold dear for quite some time. Let’s face it, the show has charm. The show, while quirky and admittedly cheesy, will forever remain one of my favorites. I immediately connected with Keiichi, but the true “ringer” was Belldandy. Never have I witnessed a female character that has drawn me in as Belldandy has. (more…)

Critic’s Report: A Little Snow Fairy Sugar

October 26, 2009

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This Anime has been Awarded:


I like this anime very much, I have seen the whole series. Tiny Snow Fairy Sugar is just too cute for words. Yet, despite it’s adorable factor, I can honestly say this anime can make a person cry in the end. However, great as this anime is, it has many fillers… and faults. Thus, “A Little Snow Fairy Sugar” receives a 3/5 Star or an “Average” rating.